Learning to walk with God

As God’s people leave Egypt, they are to celebrate the Passover (Exo 12:43-50), the Feast of Unleavened Bread (Exo 13:3-10) and to consecrate their firstborn (Exo 13:2, 11-16) as reminders that God had delivered them (Exo 13:3, 14-15). God leads them on a route avoiding immediate armed conflict (Exo 13:17), but to the Red Sea with Pharaoh’s army in pursuit (Exo 14:5-9). He divides the Red Sea (Exo 14:21), the people to cross over on dry ground (Exo 14:22), but the Egyptians are drowned (Exo 14:27-28). God is the one who delivers His people, and they rejoice in song (Exo 15:1-18). But it is not long before they start grumbling again (Exo 15:24). God miraculously provides food, Manna from heaven (Exo 16:4), and quail (Exo 16:13); and drink, water from the rock (Exo 17:5-7). He defeats their enemies (Exo 17:8-16) and even helps them find a practical way to deal with differences (Exo 18:19-22) ensuring their well being (Exo 18:18, 23).

Exodus 13-18

23 Sep 2012

Simon Murphy


ExodusCarol Bagary