At RHC, seeking to obey the Bible in how we "do" church is really the main reason we have a membership process. Read our “Why Membership?” booklet to find out more.

Church membership makes the Gospel visible in the life of the church. It expresses how Christ has saved us and brought us into the community of God’s people. The essence of membership is committed love and membership tangibly displays the unity and the diversity of the body of Christ. There are many commands which are impossible to obey without being committed to a local church, such as communion and baptism. Jesus said “whoever loves God must also love his brother” (1 John 4:21). The local church becomes the place where we put into practice the fruit of the Spirit within real relationships. This is why we need the church to grow as Christians. Through discipling one another in the local church, we gain assurance of our own salvation. We disciple one another by helping one another grow in Christ through teaching, encouraging and correcting. Membership also defines who the shepherds in the church are accountable for and who can be depended upon to fulfil our mission as the church.

Membership at a local church is for everyone who is a disciple of Jesus Christ. At Redemption Hill Church, our membership process includes attending a Membership Class to help you understand our values, the commitments and to let us know how to care for you better. It also requires meeting with an elder and baptism as a believer.

We run Membership classes throughout the year. Each class consists of three two-hour sessions that explain what we believe as a church, why it's important to be a member of a local church, and what we plan to do here in Singapore and in Asia.

 Session One:

  • Welcome & Introduction to RHC

  • Topic 1: Gospel Centrality

  • Topic 2: Why Membership & Church Discipline

  • Practical Matters: The Membership Process

Session Two:

  • Topic 3: Discipleship & Sanctification I - Theological Depth

  • Topic 4: Discipleship & Sanctification II - Experiential Faith

  • Topic 5: Membership Covenant

Session Three:

  • Topic 6: Church Sacraments

  • Topic 7: Church Governance & Leadership

  • Topic 8: God's Purpose for Us in the City

  • Practical Matters / Q&A

The content of these sessions can be found in our Membership Booklet. Attendance for all three sessions is necessary. After that, we would like to meet you individually to find out how you came to faith in Christ, how we can best serve you in your faith and how we can work together in His church for His glory. You will then be introduced to the church at our next Members' Meeting. 

The next class has been scheduled on Saturday, 7 December 2019, 8.50am-4.00pm at Studio 3, Level 3.  

Email for any questions.