We believe that financial giving flows from a grateful heart for what God has done in our lives, as well as a responsibility to be faithful with our resources in order to see the local church supported and the great commission accomplished. Out of this cheerful, grateful and mission minded heart, we give both freely and generously.


We encourage you to tithe electronically via bank transfer or standing order. For many, this has shown to be the safest and most convenient way.

Online Bank Transfers +

Bank: DBS Bank Ltd

Account Number (for Tithes & Offering): 107900 3257

Account Number (for Missions & Benevolence): 107900 4091

Account Number (for Building Fund): 107900 3605

Bank Code: 7171

Branch: 107 (Buona Vista)


Cheque Offering +

Cheques can be made out to “Redemption Hill Church” and placed in the offering on Sundays.

Redemption Hill Church is a society with charitable organisation status. However, since we do not have IPC (Institutions of a Public Character) status as a church, donations to RHC are not tax deductible.

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Tithing & Offering

All tithes & offerings are deposited to the church’s General Account and are used primarily for the running of the church.

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Missions & Benevolence

A percentage of all tithes is designated for this fund, which is used to support other churches, church planters and for mercy ministry.

Building Fund

Our Building Fund is set aside to prepare us for future venue opportunities.


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