As followers of Jesus, we are called to "speak the truth in love" to one another. One of the ways in which this happens is when two Christians read the Bible with each other. One-to-one Bible reading is an excellent way of encouraging one another to grow in Christ, as we help one another to understand and apply God’s Word. 

One-to-one Bible reading typically involves two people meeting regularly to study Scripture and pray. The biblical text is unpacked through exploring its context, making observations of it, interpreting its meaning, and applying its teaching to our lives. By studying the Bible together in this way, we allow God’s Word to shape our conversations and relationships with one another.

Everyone who attends RHC is encouraged to be intentional about meeting with another Christian to read the Bible. We do not conceive of this in a programmatic way, but more in terms of fostering a culture of discipleship that permeates our life together as a church.

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