Egypt's gods defeated as God saves by the blood of a Lamb

Moses asks Pharaoh and to let God’s people leave (Exo 7:1-2) – Pharaoh refuses (Exo 7:13). God responds by sending plagues demonstrating His superior power (Exo 8:10). Pharaoh relents, and promises to let the people go after some of the plagues, only to turn back on his word later (Exo 8:1-15,20-23; 9:13-35; 10:1-20, 21-29). This results in the most devastating plague, the “death of the firstborn” (Exo 11:1-10; 12:29-32). Before it is unleashed, God provides a way of escape – any household that slaughters a spotless lamb (as a substitute), and puts its blood on their doorposts, the Angel of Death will “pass over” and spare the firstborn. Provisions were even made for small households that could not afford a lamb (Exo 12:4). Pharaoh finally relents, and a “mixed multitude” (Exo 12:48) leaves Egypt. The Passover (Exo 12:43-50) is then instituted as a reminder that God saves through substitution, by the blood of the “Passover” lamb.

Exodus 7-12

16 Sep 2012

Simon Murphy


ExodusCarol Bagary