God promises deliverance as the enemy tightens his grips

God knows His people intimately and will act to deliver them (Exo 2:25). We see God acting by calling Moses (Exo 3:4), and sending Him to Pharaoh (Exo 3:10). Moses is terribly reluctant (Exo 3:13, 4:1, 10-13), to the point of angering God (Exo 4:14, 24-26). God shows Moses that He is the ‘creator and sustainer of all that exists’ (Exo 3:14) and had made prior promises to deliver (Exo 3:6, 15). He gives him signs and wonders (Exo 4:3-9), and sends Aaron along (Exo 4:14-16). Moses obeys (Exo 5:1), but is met with vicious opposition from Pharaoh (Exo 5:2, 4-19). The people get angry (Exo 5:21), and Moses is despondent (Exo 5:22). But, God will still act to deliver His people (Exo 6:1). He is God Almighty (Exo 6:3), the Lord of both creation and history – He will deliver for sure.

Exodus 3-6

9 Sep 2012

Simon Murphy


ExodusCarol Bagary