Set Apart For God

The second half of Exodus focuses on the content of the law revealed to Moses on Mount Sinai. God gives Moses instructions to prepare the people for how they should approach Him on the mountain (Exo 19:1-25). Then God gives them the 10 Commandments (Exo 20:1-21), instructions on worship (Exo 20:22-26; 23:10-19), rules and principles for community life (Exo 21:1-23:9), and instructions for entering the promised land of Canaan (Exo 23:20-33). He goes on to confirm the Covenant (Exo 24:1-18); and gives instructions for assembling the tabernacle for worship (Exo 25-31).

Exodus 19-31

30 Sep 2012

Aidan Spencer


ExodusCarol Bagary