The Man Who Made All of Israel Cry

If we want to live lives that please God and serve future generations, we have to constantly remain in faith, but the only one who has perfectly done that is Jesus Christ, and therefore our weak faith needs to rest in his perfect faith and deeds. We can entrust ourselves to him, the perfect King who will not use us or live a self-centered life, but will lay his life down for us.
Isaiah 39
4 Jun 2017
Simon Murphy

Even the Best are Dependent upon Mercy

The king has come under God's judgment, but is shown mercy in order that he might continue to walk faithfully before God all his days. He points to the true King, who is judged not for his own sins but for others, and lives in perfect faith towards God.
Isaiah 38
28 May 2017
Simon Murphy

Experiencing God's Deliverance

God will defy the mocking of those who denounce him and his purposes for the sake of his own name, and for the sake of his salvific purposes for the world, miraculously delivering his people.
Isaiah 37:21-38
21 May 2017
Simon Murphy

If God has Already Promised, Why Pray?

God's deliverance of his people and his glory revealed to the nations always go hand in hand throughout the bible. Prayer is the means that God has ordained for that to be accomplished.
Isaiah 37:1-20
14 May 2017
Jacob Ng

The Basis of a Better Confidence

Christians face all kinds of oppression and intimidation from the forces of darkness. Understanding the schemes of the enemy help us to know how we can stand firm on God’s Word in the midst of these assaults against our faith.
Isaiah 36
7 May 2017
Simon Murphy

Life in Christ

Jesus is the true vine, and his followers are branches that are in him. Those who abide in Christ will be pruned, fruitful, obedient and prayerful.
John 15:1-11
30 Apr 2017
Sam Allberry

To Be A Missionary Like Jesus

Jesus offers living water that will satisfy our thirst eternally, while having gone through thirst himself on the cross. The unique love of Christ is what compels us to missions.
John 4:1-30
23 Apr 2017
Seita Sakaguchi

The Surprising Reality of Jesus' Resurrection

Jesus' resurrection is a historical event that caught those around him by surprise. This surprise interrupted grief (the woman), shame (Peter) and proved that God's Word is a reliable foundation upon which to build their lives.
Mark 16:1-8
16 Apr 2017
Simon Murphy

The Darkness of Jesus' Death

Why do we celebrate and commemorate the suffering and death of a person two thousand years ago? This celebration only makes sense when we realise our predicament - that we are all enslaved by this world and under the eternal condemnation of sin. On this day, we remember the only righteous one who gave his life as a sacrifice that we may be forgiven and delivered.
Mark 15:21-39
14 Apr 2017
Simon Murphy
Mark - Following The Servant King

Jesus on Trial

Jesus' twin trials establish that he is both God as well as King. He goes to the cross as God rejected by all, and as King as substitute for sinners.
Mark 14:53-15:20
9 Apr 2017
Simon Murphy