How The Gospel Renews Cities

We are to love the city: to serve those in it and see it flourish. God intends for Singapore to be a garden temple city, where the worship of him is infused in every single part of what we do in our daily lives. But how? Today we’re going to see from Acts 19 that the gospel can change people to such an extent that it changes whole culture of a city. And he is calling us to be involved.

Acts 19:8-41

24 March 2019

Simon Murphy

TelosRebecca Shang
Our Part In Our City

Telos is simply about redeeming our true purpose. It’s knowing the gospel of grace so deeply, and being restored to love true glory that we die to our own self-glorifying dreams that are really too small for our own good. We are designed and created for greater dreams that are bigger than ourselves - God’s glory. This sermon unpacks:

1. God’s vision for us in this world (v6-10)
2. Our part to reach the different people in our city

  • The wealthy and spiritually religious (v11-15)

  • The poor and spiritually oppressed (v16-22)

  • The pragmatic and spiritually indifferent (v23-34)a

Acts 16:6-34

17 March 2019

Jacob Ng

TelosRebecca Shang
Our Part In God's Story

Telos is a 6-week series to talk about what we are praying that God would do through us. God has been kind to us, and we’ve been praying and asking God how to steward what he’s doing at RHC. Over the next weeks we want to share that and show how we believe God is leading us a church. We’ve called it “Telos” because it’s a word that means our purpose, our ultimate end, what God made us for. This 5-year vision is to help us think about how we are part of God’s eternal plans.

Revelation 21:1-17

10 March 2019

Simon Murphy

TelosRebecca Shang