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The People of Mission

As people of mission, we are called to proclaim and display the gospel to the glory of God. His glory motivates us, His Spirit empowers us and the gospel transforms us to be salt and light, fishers of men, ambassadors and heralds of His glorious message of salvation.

Acts 1:8

14 Sep 2014

Aidan Spencer

MissionsGraham Malone
The Church As The Fruit Of, And Base For Missions

The church is central to missions because it is both the fruit of the Gospel, as well as displayer and proclaimer of the Gospel.Whereas in the Old Testament God’s people Israel were to be a light to the nations around them, the church is God’s people who live for His glory and proclaim the Gospel.

1 Thessalonians 1:1-10

7 Sep 2014

Simon Murphy


The Story of Missions

Missions is not ultimately about conversion; missions is about the bigger picture of God’s glory. We are tempted to substitute our own goals for the mission that God has called us to, which is to spread the Gospel message and point to Him.

31 Aug 2014

Dr Michael Lawrence

MissionsGraham Malone