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The Child who Reveals God's Salvation

God is alive. He is an active agent in human history and uses his Holy Spirit to move God-fearing people to work together as part of his salvation plan. He is not silent, not absent, not powerless to accomplish his purposes but rather does so in his perfect time. He has provided a one way of salvation, through his Son Jesus Christ, to save the entire world from sin. We cannot be neutral towards Jesus and our attitude reveals whether we believe him or not.

Luke 2:22-35

25 Dec 2017

Simon Murphy


Christmas 2017, LukeCarol Bagary
Jesus, Simon and the Wayward Woman

Jesus is seeking true followers, not pretenders. True followers of Christ never cease to be amazed by God's forgiveness everyday, and they treasure Him with radical devotion.

Luke 7:36-50

10 Apr 2016

Steve Van Rhyn


LukeCarol Bagary
The Reasons: To Seek And Save The Lost

Jesus is the Saviour who has come to seek and save the lost. His eager pursuing of sinners like us leads us to respond to Him in faith, receiving salvation, having our characters transformed, and now are sent out as His ambassadors.

Luke 19:1-10

29 Nov 2015 

Simon Murphy


LukeCarol Bagary
Money Part 4: Stewardship and Folly

As servants of God, we have been entrusted with responsibilities and resources, which are meant to be faithfully stewarded for God until he returns. Those found doing so will be richly rewarded; those who don't will be cast out with the unfaithful.

Luke 12:35-48

29 Mar 2015

Simon Murphy


The Mission of the Church

Unless we understand, with clarity the mission that God has given the church, we will either be exhausted (from doing too much), or bored (from not doing much). The mission of 'making disciples' gives us focus, motivates us to action, and keeps us on course.

Matthew 28:16-20, Luke 24:46-49

4 May 2014

Tan Huai Tze