God dwelling with man

We’ve come to the end of our study of Exodus! This final section describes God’s people preparing (Exo 35:1–36:7), constructing (Exo 36:8–39:43), and assembling (Exo 40:1–33) the tabernacle, which God then fills with his glory (Exo 40:34–38). The order of the construction of the elements of the sanctuary corresponds to how Moses was instructed to assemble the Tabernacle (see Exo 40:2–15). They are back on track after the horrible sinful detour in Exodus 32. The assembly of the tabernacle is the visible guarantee of God’s continuing presence with and care of Israel. The length of the account of the work underlines its importance. Yet, at the end, we will see that the tabernacle is still a shadow of a greater reality to come.

Exodus 35-40

14 Oct 2012

Simon Murphy


ExodusCarol Bagary