Coming To the Redeemer

Ruth shows kindness towards Naomi and faith in God by casting herself on the mercy of Boaz, the kinsman-redeemer. Boaz, in contrast with the unnamed nearer relative, acts in grace and kindness to marry Ruth and redeem Naomi. God accomplishes his purposes through the obedience of these ordinary, faithful characters, who reflect his lovingkindness in their dealings with one another. But the significance of this story goes beyond the circumstances of this Israelite family. The sovereign, wise and faithful God provides a redeemer for his people, Israel. King David is a descendant of Boaz and Ruth, as the genealogy in Ruth 4 reveals. And even more than that, God will provide a Redeemer for the whole earth. The story of Ruth is ultimately the story of how God sends his only Son, Jesus Christ, to redeem the lost.

Ruth 3:1-4:22

29 Jun 2014

Tan Huai Tze


RuthGraham Malone