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Bring Me Back to His Fold

“One morning when reading Romans 8, I was unable to hold in my emotions. I went back to my car and began to cry uncontrollably. I saw how sinful a life I had been living and was overcome by the fact that Jesus had suffered and had been nailed to the cross for MY sins. Jesus had taken the punishment that I deserved. And all because of God’s immeasurable love and mercy.”

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My Identity in Christ

“When I am able to stop and refocus upon the fact of my identity and self-worth in Christ, I find that I enjoy my job much more.  I am able to work without that constant sense of worry and self-doubt that may otherwise plague me.  I know that even if I fail, I remain the most important person to the most important being in the Universe, the one who Jesus loves.  I can tell you, that is a real stress killer."

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Perfect Love Knows No Fear

“I am the middle child in my family, and my parents were really hoping I was boy. God gave them me instead, and they never failed to remind me that I was not a boy. I was pretty insecure as a child and into adulthood and often sought to gain favour by putting my other siblings down. Socially, I always sought to fit in, and would bend over backwards to please people. It has been a little over 10 years since since I accepted Christ. I still battle with temptations and finding contentment somewhere else other than Christ. God has been good and I trust that he will always be good.”

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