Our Vision is to see Bible-preaching,
Gospel-centred churches renewing Singapore,
and the cities of Asia.

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Unfathomable Grace

God has graciously created a solution to our problem of sin and graciously reveals this Good News to us out of his good pleasure.  Those who have received the gospel are transformed and glorify God by ascertaining & believing the true gospel, proclaiming the gospel and bestowing God’s grace upon others.

22 April 2018 by Jeremy Lee
Galatians 1:11-2:10

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CHURCH CAMP 2018, 15-17 june
Pulai springs resort, johor, malaysia

This year's theme is "Life Together" - Embracing God's gift of each other as we grow and go on mission together.  For enquiries, email camp@rhc.org.sg.  Registration is open.  Sign up now!

Truths that make us sing devotion

To help us better appreciate and apply these essential truths, a devotion booklet has been put together.  There will be a devotion for each of the catechism question.
The devotions for April to June, questions 18 to 41 are now ready.

HOPe in action forum:  Adoption as a journey

From watching a documentary to becoming the parents of a young boy from China - one family tells their story about taking a leap of faith, along with others who will speak to the need for adoption and the blessings and challenges of the process.  The event is free.