One-Year Bible Reading Plans

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1 Jan 2018

We’d love for you to experience the joy and life-transforming power of being in God’s Word daily.  Do consider how you can do so in 2018 with our list of One-Year Bible Reading Plans.

Jalan Kukoh Prayer Walk Guide


1 Aug 2017

CG Resources, Tim Keller's Center Church


1 Aug 2016

Part 1: Gospel Theology  PDF
Part 2: Gospel Renewal PDF
Part 3: Gospel Contextualization PDF
Part 4: City Vision PDF
Part 5: Cultural Engagement PDF
Part 6: Missional Community PDF
Part 7: Integrative Ministry PDF

Prayer & Fasting Guide 2016

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28 Jan 2016

We encourage everyone to join us for 3 days fasting and evenings of prayer and worship together this 28, 29 & 30 January 2016.

Connect@RHC - The Online Church Community

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6 Sep 2015

A basic user walkthrough to help you get better connected with our church.