For hundreds of years, Christians who have understood the importance of having their lives established on the bedrock of God’s gracious truth have used catechisms as tools to anchor this truth deep into their hearts.  A catechism is a series of questions and answers designed to convey the essential truths of the Christian faith so that we might more deeply know and rejoice in God.  We put together this catechism for members and visitors of Redemption Hill Church to get an easy introduction to the most important things that we believe as a church.  The format makes it easy to remember, even for youth and children, and is an easily-remembered resource when faced with questions.  Supporting biblical references are included with the answers to help bring readers back to scripture.

You are encouraged to read through, memorise, reflect upon and pray through these truths, allowing their reality to lead you to worship God.  This catechism can be used privately, around the family meal table, for mutual encouragement and discipleship with another believer, or even in evangelism.

It is our prayer that this catechism will help us as a church to build our lives on the infallible truth of Jesus’ words, so that we may sing his praises forevermore.



To help us better appreciate and apply these essential truths, a devotion booklet has been put together. There will be a devotion passage for each of the catechism question. The first 17 devotions are now ready.