The Hospitality team's primary role is to extend hospitality to visitors and regular attendees of our Sunday services, while promoting a welcoming and friendly environment. Through our interactions with visitors, we seek to help them integrate into the RHC community. The team also helps to maintain ... more
The Sound team has the privilege of ensuring that the Word of God in song and speech is clearly communicated through sound technology, the aim being to make communication comprehensible and to limit distractions so that the congregation may be motivated through God’s Word to spread the Gospel and ... more
The Set-up team is responsible for set up and management of several physical aspects of the church premises to provide a conducive environment for the preaching of the Gospel and fellowship of God’s people to take place. Working mostly behind the scenes, some of the duties of the Set-up team ... more
The Music Team has the privilege of leading the congregation in worship through songs which glorify God and build up His people. Together, we aim to remember, proclaim and celebrate God’s worthiness, works and word in response to the grace we have been shown through Jesus Christ. ... more
The AVL Team has the privilege of presenting visual media through technology in a way that is clear and compelling. Through skillful service in the use of audiovisual and lights, communication is made comprehensible with limited distractions, thereby enabling the congregation to engage effectively. ... more
The Youth Ministry at RHC exists to give glory to our awesome God. We are commissioned by Jesus in Matthew 28:18 to do this by making disciples of Jesus and equipping them to make disciples themselves. As a ministry, we want to impact the world for Christ by empowering kids to be passionate ... more
The Kids' Ministry team at RHC aims to fulfill this vision to disciple and teach the children at RHC from an early age to not just know Bible stories, but rather to understand the Gospel and also know God, who He is and what He is like. ... more