“I am here all by myself most of the time, if ever you are free, please come and visit.”
- Yong-en beneficiary and elderly Chinatown resident

In a city of 5.7 million people, how do we find and reach those who have slipped through the social fabric of society?

We have some ideas.

In mid-2016, we undertook a mapping project to better understand the greatest needs in our immediate neighborhood. We talked to social workers, VWOs and SSOs, community organizers and other local churches. They echoed the same sentiment:

In Singapore, we are resource rich but time poor.

So what does that mean for our mercy and justice work? How can we seek justice, love mercy, and be radically generous in an impactful way? 

Our research and conversations pointed us towards two specific groups: children and families. Within the neighborhoods of Jalan Kukoh, Jalan Minyak and York Hill (exactly one kilometre from RHC), vulnerable children, the elderly, migrant mothers and families experience social isolation including loneliness, family breakdown, obstacles to education and insecure employment.

But here’s the encouraging part: we’ve partnered with two local organisations tackling these issues. Yong-en Care Centre and ReadAble have invited us to join their work in loving the Chinatown community through tangible acts of service.

And further afield in Aljunied, RHC has established strong ties with Gladiolus Place (formerly AG Home), an outreach to Singaporean teenage girls who live in full-time residential care due to difficult circumstances with their biological families.  Gladiolus Place volunteers have the opportunity to build relationships with the residents through regular engagement over meals, activities and fellowship.

In order to sustain and grow this ministry, we are looking for committed volunteers to give their time to these communities.

Check out this video about our first official year of Mercy & Justice Ministry initiatives and their ongoing volunteer needs.


** Foreign Domestic Worker Appreciation Sunday, 2017:
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