The Gospel

The 'Gospel' is what we are all about. Whether you’re new to the church, or a longtime church goer, it's what we all need. It's what connects us to God, and to one another. So, what is the ‘Gospel’?


Church membership makes the Gospel visible in the life of the church.  It expresses how Christ has saved us and brought us into the community of God’s people. 

Community Group Resources

Community Groups

Community Groups are an expression of Gospel-community, where Christians meet to study the Scriptures, encourage one another, and seek to serve their neighbours.

Faith & Work

What would it look like if your work were impacted and infused with the power of God that is the Gospel? Where would you work, and how would you work if the claims of Jesus are true?

Kingdom Kids

Our children are precious to us, and we aim not to just teach our children about God but to shepherd them towards a meaningful relationship with Him that they may become Spirit-filled disciples of Jesus Christ.


We serve one another with the diverse gifts, talents and abilities that God has given - areas of service include aspects of the Sunday Services, and also serving the wider community.


The Bible exhorts Christians to "train yourself for godliness" (1 Timothy 4:7), and this we do by increasingly learning more of God's Word and obeying God's Word, enabled by God's grace. 

Mercy & Justice

God’s grace and mercy in our lives through the Gospel propel us to preach the Gospel and live out its implications as a redeemed and transformed people in this world. There are groups and individuals in RHC who are working out the Gospel by showing mercy to the needy and seeking justice for the oppressed through different initiatives for the city.


God gave us a mission: to make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:19-20). RHC’s vision for Missions is to plant Healthy, Bible Preaching Gospel-Centred Churches starting with the cities of Southeast Asia as well as spread the good news to the people unreached by Christianity. We believe that everyone in the church body can play a part.


We want to make the Gospel clear to our teenagers so that they can become disciples of Jesus Christ and enjoy a fulfilling relationship with God.  We aim to support families by giving teenagers a community through which they can grow into mature followers of Christ and become part of the greater church community.